One of our objectives is to help provide resources for residents and other interested people to keep apprised of local news, and one of our ways of doing so is to provide access here to articles that might disappear into cyberspace. We have received permission from several local news outlets to turn their Aquinnah-centric stories into PDF form, thus preserving them here.  Visit our In the Press section.

Another of our principal activities is keeping people apprised about up-coming events in Town, such as elections, Town meetings, open houses or other functions of the Fire Department, the Library, etc. Please go to Calendar for information. This is updated as appropriate from time to time, and we encourage people to provide us with information they would like to see noted in the Calendar. Just email us at

We keep residents and other interested people informed about matters that relate to historical preservation or environmental protection or other relevant issues in Town. Please go to Town of Aquinnah/Historical Preservation and Environmental Issues for information on these topics. (And, various news articles that relate to these topics also can be found in In The Press – Other Matters.) We also have developed extensive email lists which we also use (on a “bcc” basis) to keep residents and other interested people apprised of then current issues and Town events. If you would like to be on our list, just send us an email ( and provide the relevant information.

We have held (and plan on continuing to do so) several receptions at which experts talk to and with the large number of attendees about the extraordinary physical resources of Aquinnah and the Island generally. To date these have focused on the rare and extremely important Moshup Trail ecological area and the efforts to preserve and conserve it, on Menemsha Pond and its remarkable diversity and its beautiful shorelines, and about the geology of the Gay Head Cliffs and their deep cultural meanings to the Tribe.

Although our resources were severely limited for several years due to the considerable expenses of the litigation described above, we also have financially supported various educational, environmental and historical causes benefiting Aquinnah and the Island as a whole. And, with the law suit expenses now behind us we have been able to expand both the number of causes we support and the extent to which we are able to do so.

For instance, we contributed to the fund maintained by the Aquinnah Volunteer Fire Department for several years from which it made grants each year to graduating high school seniors residing in Aquinnah who go on to college or other specialized training. When the Fire Department decided to discontinue its program several years ago, we took it on. Our annual grants are now entitled the Marvin Joslow Memorial Grants, in honor of one of our long-time directors who was devoted to education all of his adult life and who was very active in the Town’s civic matters. We also have made contributions to the Vineyard Conservation Society in recognition of  its on-going extensive efforts to conserve and generally protect the Moshup Trail area; to the Sheriff’s Meadow Foundation in recognition of its extensive and important activities in Aquinnah, to the Martha’s Vineyard Historical Society for the upkeep of the Aquinnah Lighthouse; to the Town for various purposes, including for the restoration of the Vanderhoop Homestead, for the purchase of emergency shelter equipment and supplies and for the restoration of the venerable curtain in Town Hall; to the Aquinnah Public Library for its general purposes; and to the Land Bank in support of its plan to establish a walking trail to go between the north and south shores of the Town. We hope and indeed plan on continuing and enhancing these types of efforts.

Aquinnah, of course, has many physical features that are beautiful and unique, and many buildings that are historic and interesting or both and events (such as the Fire Department Open House, the annual model boat “race”, etc.) that are both fun and filled with photographic interest. So, we also have a link to a Community Gallery where we provide access to photographs (which will change from time to time) of and about Aquinnah. We encourage people to submit photographs and the link provides the way to do so.

We hope you will find our website to be both of interest and value. We welcome your comments and suggestions.

Finally, but hardly least, we depend entirely on contributions (which are tax deductible to the extent permitted under applicable law) to support our activities. Please go to How to Contribute for information on how to make contributions to AGHCA.

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