From Adam Wilson, Aquinnah Town Administrator:

The MV Times incorrectly reported that the Town Special was Today @ 7:00 pm. It is not! Next Tuesday at the Old Town Hall. The meeting is to vote on 3 warrant articles, the most important of which is to fund the remaining 25K to Tri-Town ambulance for their 2011 – 12 budget.
Please come – the meeting should not take more than 20 minutes if we start on time with a quorum present.

From an email from Adam Wilson, Aquinnah Town Administrator:

Attached is the warrant for a special meeting to be held in the Old Town Hall beginning at 7:00 pm.

There are only a few articles; the most important asks voters to raise and appropriate 26K to complete the 1/3rd share of funding for the ambulance service. Another article asks voters to financially support a new housing needs assessment being done by the MV Commission.

Please make a plan to exercise your right (if you are receiving this e-mail as a year round resident voter), to participate In this short but important Town Meeting.  If you’re not a voter, come anyway!  The meeting will most likely be only a ½ hour.

Click here to view warrant.