From the Vineyard Conservation Society:

The most important, longest running, and most costly campaign in the Vineyard Conservation Society’s 45-year history involves environmental legal defense at Moshup Trail. The lawsuit isn’t over, but we have registered a significant win, described in this issue of the Almanac.

This IS NOT the end of the need for funding for VCS land protection generally or for our work at Moshup Trail specifically. In fact, this should be the stimulus for giving more, and we encourage you to do so!

On August 12, 2010, Judge Charles Trombley, Jr. of the Land Court Department of the Trial Court ruled in favor of VCS and co-defendants in a long-running case involving developers’ efforts to force access through conservation holdings at Moshup Trail, Aquinnah.  Read complete article at the Vineyard Conservation Society….

Click here for PDF of court decision.