Aquinnah voters passed a $3 million budget and nearly all 30 articles at the annual town meeting Tuesday night, moving through a 10-article special town meeting session first.

Voters backed the selectmen’s recommendation to fund just $134,000 of the $160,000 requested by the Tri-Town ambulance service, questioning the number of full-time paramedics needed to staff the service and the purpose of a deputy chief. The reduced dollar amount would not include the deputy chief’s salary.

Voters also gave selectmen permission to begin investigating installing solar panels at the landfill, but not before they added an amendment that the plan come back to voters before a final lease agreement is made.

When asked to reduce the quorum size of town meeting’s from ten per cent to six per cent, or from 39 people to about 23 people, voters said they were exhausted by having the same question posed at the past four town meetings. The townspeople postponed the move indefinitely, citing too much power in the hands of too few.

There was much discussion throughout the evening, but not when it came to an article concerning Cape Wind; voters sent a strong message to the federal government when they collectively voted to condemn the offshore wind farm project in Nantucket Sound.

Lastly, the final article of the night that called for eliminating the tabling of a question at town meeting was itself tabled.

by Remy Tumin