From: Angela Cywinski <>
Subject: Press Release

In a continuing effort to improve the flow of information to residents and taxpayers, Aquinnah’s Board of Assessors found a company to provide an important and necessary service for hosting the Town On-Line GIS Mapping Program.  The Board is pleased to present Cartographic Associates, Inc. (CAI) of Littleton, NH, which developed the program that offers expanded functionality, a single point of access to assessing data, property information, advanced mapping and aerial imagery.

The new program, Query Manager Online, utilizes ESRI ArcGIS Server and the cutting edge Microsoft Silver Light technology for a more interactive, user-friendly experience.  In addition to property maps and assessing data, users can now access the Town’s growing Geographic Information System (GIS) to review the DCPC areas, parcel locations and create abutters’ lists.  It will also be able to see the original Division of the Indian Common Land map for Gay Head created in 1870 as a digital overlay.

aquinnah property map

Aquinnah property map

The new on-line mapping program provides more up-to-date information with increased opportunities for future expansion.  This is important because the flexible application will be able to grow to support the Town’s increased use of GIS for planning and management purposes.  An added bonus is the expanded features provide a cost savings of $1,300 per year.

Tim Fountain, Vice President of CAI, who designed the program said, “The new on-line software by CAI is developed on ESRI ArcServer technology which allows for a tight integration with ESRI ArcGIS Desktop and results in client driven map symbology.  The service supports both public and staff site options.  This way the Town can share and distribute GIS internally to specific staff users without additional desktop software license costs.”

Vision Appraisal will no longer be supporting on-line web hosting for the Town after December 31, 2010.  In order to review property record cards, the new website is .