with permission, MV Gazette

A quorum-challenged Aquinnah will try again Wednesday to attract the 39 voters necessary to hold a special town meeting, scheduled for 7 p.m. at the town hall.

In Aquinnah 10 per cent of the town’s 398 registered voters are required to form a quorum, a number the town has historically had trouble attracting in the recent past. Last month the special town meeting was rescheduled after just 20 voters showed up.

Town coordinator Jeffrey Burgoyne, who will help ring around to voters Wednesday, is quietly confident he’ll find enough townspeople.

“We’ll emphasize that we’ll be wrapping things up fairly quickly,” he said.

The warrant deals chiefly with housekeeping measures. Voters will be asked to approve a project to install safety vents at the town landfill, and to transfer $25,000 from various accounts to cover spring legal expenses.

Originally scheduled for before the annual town meeting and election, the meeting was rescheduled for the following week, out of concern that controversy generated by a draft article proposing to lease an area of the Aquinnah cliffs for a performing arts stage would overshadow the main meeting.

That article was subsequently removed from the warrant, along with a request for more funds to correct a botched job of burying power lines at the Cliffs.

Mr. Burgoyne said the shift probably accounted for the low turnout.

“Last time it was too soon after the annual, but this time I think we’ll prevail,” he said.