with permission from MV Times

Aquinnah assessor maps on-line
The Aquinnah assessors have announced that town assessors’ maps are now available online. Interactive features allow users to search for specific parcels, find all lots on a particular road, and find all abutters to a specific lot.

Attached to the maps are the “field cards,” for each parcel, which include detailed information about the assessed value of land and buildings, as well as construction detail, floor plans, and photographs of the property.

Town officials encourage residents to try out the map web site at www.smsgis.com and let them know what you think.

The mapping service is provided by Sustainable Map Solutions. “They’ve given us a six month subscription,” said principal assessor Angela Cywinski. “If they really like this, the town would consider paying the monthly fee. We’ve gone full digital on our maps. This is the first time we’ve been on line. Little Aquinnah was so behind the times, now we’re ahead of everybody.” Feedback should be e-mailed to aqassess@comcast.net.