WBUR Radio, Boston:  AQUINNAH, Mass. — An opinion from the National Indian Gaming Commission recognizing the Wampanoag tribe’s right to build a casino on Martha’s Vineyard is now at the heart of Sunday’s election for tribal chairman.

If the casino is built, people would have to travel there on a narrow two-lane road called State Road. The countryside there looks like much of the countryside all over the island, and especially in the part of the island called “up island.” There’s a lot of scrub. There are some short trees all barren of leaves now and old New England stone walls in perfect alignment.

Ally's general store in West Tisbury on Martha's Vineyard. (Fred Thys/WBUR)

Ally’s general store in West Tisbury on Martha’s Vineyard. (Fred Thys/WBUR)

A letter from the National Indian Gaming Commission released this week gave the green light to a casino. But there is disagreement as to how much legal weight that letter carries.

Ron Rappaport didn’t give it much importance. He is the attorney for five of the towns on the Vineyard, including Aquinnah. Continue reading….