You’ve probably been to the iconic Gay Head Lighthouse on the western tip of Martha’s Vineyard. Maybe you’ve climbed the winding staircase to the observation deck, or even higher to stand in the fierce, hot beam of the red/white beacon at the very top of the structure. Now you can relive those memories, and learn more about the plan to rescue the beloved lighthouse from falling into the sea.

Save the Gay Head Lighthouse on Vimeo.

Shining from the western tip of Martha's Vineyard, the Gay Head LIghthouse has guided mariners home since the 18th century. Now, it is in danger of falling into the sea as the cliffs at its base quickly erode. The Town of Aquinnah's Save the Gay Head Lighthouse Committee is raising money to move the lighthouse away from the cliff edge to a safer location. $3 million must be raised for the project, which must be completed within 2 years.

Video by Eli Noyes