As part of the campaign to save the Gay Head Lighthouse from tumbling over the eroding Gay Head Cliffs into the sea, a website was launched in June, Along with pages devoted to the geologic and engineering  issues concerning the move, the website has a page of links to world-wide press coverage of the lighthouse and its perilous situation.

gay head lighthouse close to edge

Gay Head Lighthouse is only 46 feet from the cliff edge

There is a video by the  CBS Evening News, including an interview with lighthouse keeper Richard Skidmore and Aquinnah Shop owner  Culley Vanderhoop, stories about the June designation of the lighthouse as one of the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s 11 Most Endangered Places in the United States, and even an article from the UK Daily Mail. The local Vineyard newspapers, the Gazette and Times, have also extensively covered the effort to save the lighthouse, and links to those articles are also on the page.

“We want anyone who loves the Gay Head Lighthouse, anyone who is curious, to be able to find out as much as possible,” said webmaster Paula Eisenberg. “The press coverage page is also a great resource for reporters covering the story, because it’s a sort of mini-Google search for the best stories about the Save the Gay Head Light project.”